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MSN Checker Sniffer Version 2.6 released

WLMUninstaller version 1.0 released

MSN WLM Polygamy version 2.0 released

MSN WLM Password Recovery 2.0 released  

Add 438 new emoticons & MSN Backgrounds

MSN Content Adder  version 2.0 released

MSN Winks Installer  version 1.2.2 released

MSN Emoticons Installer  version 1.2 released

  Free Download  Language Files for MSN Checker Sniffer    
Get a free License code:
MSN Checker Sniffer interface can be translated into many languages. If you can help us to translate language definition file to your native language, You will get a free license code!

Here's the list of Languages available for download:
Language file Download Version Translated by
Albanian Download 2.5 Altin
English Download 2.5 MSN-Tools
Catalan Download 2.5 uRiah
Chinese (simplified) Download 2.5 Li Shan
Chinese (traditional) Download 2.5 Fan Nan
Croatian Download 2.5 Yavuz
Czech Download 2.5 Miryddyn
Dutch Download 2.5 Butterfly
French Download 2.5 Ptiseb
German Download 2.5
Japanese Download 2.5 kalakahi
Italian Download 2.5 Michele Paladino
Norwegian Download 2.5 Norsk
Portuguese Download 2.5


Spanish Download 2.5 SaRC
Swedish Download 2.5 David-Tiger
Thai Download 2.5 Sansiri
Turkish Download 2.5 Murat
Translate MSN Checker Sniffer into your native language:
  1. Get the 'English.lng' file in the directory ('C:\Program Files\MSNtools\MSN Checker Sniffer\Lang')
  2. Make a copy for English.lng in the same folder as English.ini, and rename the file to your_language.lng
  3. Open it using the text editor like Windows notepad then start translating it,Just replace English language text after symbol "=",For example the following line

    lstMonitorIP="IP Address","Computer Name"

    in French becomes

    lstMonitorIP="Adresse IP","Nom de l'ordinateur"
  4. Send the translated file to contact us, If it works well and then we will give u a license as quickly as possible.
Use language file:
Right click on the Download and select "Save link target as" and locate your \languages folder(The default folder is C:\Program Files\MsnChecker\Lang). After the download is completed, Just start MSN Checker Sniffer and go to Options->Settings->Language and select your language,

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